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Filleting Fish with Electric Knives

The article highly recommends the 12-volt Rapala electric filet knife since it can plug into his 12 volt adapter. He also recommends the Mister Twister electric knife. Both the Rapala fillet knife and the Mister Twister electric knife come with 7" and 9" blades. The blade length is largely a matter of personal preference but many people prefer the longer blades since they allow you better control over the knives.
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Ginsu Outdoors Electric Fillet Knife

The new Ginsu fillet knife was designed by Robert Radi, who also designed their American Angler electric hook and knife sharpener in 2001. This Ginsu electric knife is specifically designed for fishermen and includes two types of blades, one for salt water and one for freshwater.
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Toastmaster 6102 Electric Knife Review

The Toastmaster 6102 electric knife is not as popular as other brands but we decided to take a look at it and see how it stacked up to other electric knives. We found a decent all purpose electric knife without many features or big complaints.
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Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Reviews

Hamilton Beach has two electric knives that are popular, the Carve 'n Set and the Chrome Classic. We'll take a look at both these electric knives and see how they stack up to each other and to electric knives in general.
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Buying an Electric Carving Knife

Many people don't use their electric knife on a daily basis, they save it for special occasions. There are some things in particular to look for when looking specifically for an electric carving knife.
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Black & Decker EK700 SlimGrip Electric Knife

The Black and Decker brand is well known for making high quality electric tools and their SlimGrip EK700 Electric Knife is no exception. We'll give an overview of the knife and discuss some of the features of this Black and Decker electric knife.
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Why Use an Electric Kitchen Knife?

There are several good reasons to buy a good electric knife, even if you already have high-quality kitchen knives.
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The Best Cordless Electric Kitchen Knife?

It's very hard to find a good cordless electric kitchen knife so we decided to look at the 3 most popular brands of electric kitchen knives. The results are disappointing so make sure you read our suggestions before purchasing a cordless knife.
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Replacment Electric Knife Blades

We've been struggling to find a good source for electric knife blades. Luckily the serrated blades on most electric knives last a very long time but when you need new knife blades it's almost impossible to find them.

We have occasionally found them on eBay, and Mr Twister sells replacement electric knife blades for their knives. Have any of you found a good source for replacement electric knife blades?
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Rapala Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Having a way to quickly fillet a fish is important to many anglers and an electric fillet knife is a great way to accomplish this. One of the more popular brands is Rapala. We decided to look at their Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife Set.
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Buying the Best Electric Kitchen Knife

When buying an electric kitchen knife it can get overwhelming when looking at all the options. However, there are really only 3 factors to consider when buying an electric knife: the knife blades, the power of the knife, and the durability of the electric knife. We'll go through each of the topics so you can be more informed and can get the best electric kitchen knife for you.
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The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Cuisinart is known for their high quality cooking appliances and their electric knife is no different. It's a high-performance electric kitchen knife with two stainless steel blades and an ergonomic handle for both right and left handed cooks.

The Cuisinart CEK-40 electric knife is available at Amazon.com and Sur La Table.
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