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Filleting Fish with Electric Knives

Catfish The Topeka Capital-Journal had a really great article filleting fish using electric knives when you are out fishing. They had many good recommendations on which types of knives are best and some tips and techniques for easily filleting fish.

There's no doubt some of these things have revolutionized fishing and allowed anglers to become better at what they do. But if you ask successful anglers what piece of equipment has saved them the most time over the years you'll likely get one reply - the electric knife.

"I can clean four fish to one," said Chatt Martin, a well-known crappie angler of the increased efficiency of an electric knife. "I learned the old fashioned way with a good, sharp fillet knife, but now I just use an electric knife."

- The Capital-Journal: Power knife is cutting edge for anglers
When it comes to which type of electric fillet knife they recommend the article turns to the 12-volt Rapala electric fillet knife since it can plug into his 12 volt adapter. He also recommends the Mister Twister electric knife.

Both the Rapala fillet knife and the Mister Twister electric knife come with 7" and 9" blades. The blade length is largely a matter of personal preference but many people prefer the longer blades since they allow you better control over the knives.