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Black & Decker EK700 SlimGrip Electric Knife

Black and decker electric knife The Black and Decker brand is well known for making high quality electric tools and their SlimGrip EK700 Electric Knife is no exception.

It has 9" stainless steel blades that are easy to remove and are dishwasher safe, making them a snap to clean. The Black & Decker knife is also much less expensive than some of their competitors' electric knives, coming in with a list price of only $20 (though Amazon has it for $15.29).

The Black and Decker SlimGrip EK700 Electric Knife was also rated #1 by America's Test Kitchen in a recent article about electric kitchen knives. It easily slices through meat roasts and quickly carves roast turkey and chicken. The grip of the Black and Decker is also ergonomic and non-slip, making it very easy to hold for long periods of time and when your hands are wet.

Black and Decker EK700 Electric Knife Features

Flush Cut Electric Blade Design

Helps to keep your cuts thinner than other electric knives can.

Non-Slip Grip and Blade Removal Tabs

Makes it easy to hold the knife, even with wet hands and to take the blades off with minimal risk of cutting yourself.

Stainless Steel Serrated Electric Knife Blades on the SlimGrip

Stainless steel knife blades are easy to wash and take care of, especially since they are dishwasher safe. Since the knife blades are serrated they will also maintain their sharpness much longer than a plain edged knife blade.

9" Inch Long Electric Knife Blade on the EK700

Long enough to cut through most roasts and very large loafs of bread.

Safety Lock

Prevents accidental starting from children.

Conclusion on the Black & Decker EK700 SlimGrip Electric Knife

We highly recommend the SlimGrip Electric knife if you are looking for a good, all purpose electric kitchen knife. Black and Decker Knives are also very durable so the EK700 should last you a long time.

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