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Buying the Best Electric Kitchen Knife

Electric knife bd When buying an electric kitchen knife it can get overwhelming when looking at all the options. Many people aren't concerned with the details and just want to know What is the best electric knife?. We've tried to help answer that question.

When trying to figure out what the best electric knife is there are really only 3 factors to consider. They are the knife blades, the power of the knife, and the durability of the electric knife. We'll go through each of the topics so you can be more informed and can get the best electric kitchen knife for you.

Electric Kitchen Knife Blades

For the best performance out of your electric kitchen knife it helps to have two sets of blades. One blade set will be longer than the others and is used to easily slice meats with your electric knife. The other blade set will be shorter and is very effective for slicing vegetables and breads. Having both blade types available for you will help you get the best use out of your electric knife.

We recommend blades of at least 8" but we prefer knives with the longer 9"+ blades. The longer electric knife blades allow more flexibility and make it easier to cut around bones or other hard objects in the meat. The longer blades also make it easier to cut large roasts or "boule" shaped breads.

An electric knife with detachable blades is also best since they are much easier to clean than other electric knives. Being able to take the blades off and wash them by hand, soak them, or put them in the dishwasher adds a great level of convenience to using your electric knife.

Electric Kitchen Knife Power

The best rated electric knives have at least 100 watts of power. You need at least that much power for the electric knife to create enough torque to cut through meats. You might not need the most powerful electric knife but if you buy any less than 100 watts and you will struggle getting through many of the larger pieces of meat.

You also want your electric kitchen knife to have a long enough power cord to get around the kitchen. It just has to be long enough for you to comfortably use the electric knife at your normal cutting station. Having a cord that is too short just makes using the knife a hassle.

Getting a cordless electric knife is another way to go. Several cordless knives have issues with power and battery length but some are effective and convenient. If you are constantly using your knife in various parts of the kitchen then a cordless electric knife might be best for you. Many of the cordless electric knives seem inferior to the knives with cords so I'd be careful before buying one unless it's at a last resort.

Durability of the Electric Knife

The durability of your electric kitchen knife should be a top concern, many electric knives are plagued by durability issues. Buying one of the better brands is normally a way around this. However, it seems that even with the top rated electric knives they seem to have sporadic durability issues, especially compared to the more heavy-duty electric knives of the past.

Recommended Best Electric Knives

Cuisinart is known for their high-quality electric kitchen knives, as well as the general quality of their cookware. Sometimes the Cuisinart CEK-40 has durability problems but many people love theirs and have used it for years.

Black and Decker is probably the best brand of electric knives and was rated #1 by America's Test Kitchen. They are one of the premier makers of electric tools and their electric knife is highly rated. They also make the EK700 Slim Grip Electric Knife which is highly rated as well.

The Toastmaster 6102 Electric Carving Knife is also an option. The quality of their electric knives seems to have improved lately and can be worth looking at.

There are a few other brands but their quality can be hit and miss.
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