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The Best Cordless Electric Kitchen Knife?

Sonic cordless knife It's very hard to find a good cordless electric kitchen knife so we decided to look at the 3 most popular brands of electric kitchen knives.

The results are disappointing so make sure you read our suggestions before purchasing a cordless knife.

Sonic Blade Cordless Rechargeable Knife

The Sonic Blade Cordless Knife suffers from a common problem with cordless tools, a lack of power. While the Sonic cuts bread and cake fine, it struggles greatly when cutting meats or even hard bread crust. The Sonic Blade Cordless Knife also has a short battery life, making it almost impossible to do any large amounts of cutting.

Ginsu Freedom Carver Cordless / Rechargeable Carving Knife

The Ginsu Cordless Knife is one of the few electric knives with enough power to cut through meats. It also has such a short battery life that it is practically useless.

One Touch Cordless Knife

The One Touch electric knife also has no cutting power and very limited battery life.

Our Recommended Cordless Kitchen Knife

None of them.

Between horrible battery life and a lack of power, all of the cordless kitchen knives we looked at were basically worthless. Buy a good electric knife with a cord and purchase an extension cord if you need it.

If you really need to go cordless, perhaps trying some of the electric fillet knives might be a better option. Currently there appear to be no good cordless options for electric kitchen knives.
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